Are you tired of constantly feeling anxious and on edge?

Do you yearn to feel more confident in yourself and your body?  

Have you struggled with out of control eating that depletes your energy and leaves you feeling isolated and alone?

These thoughts and behaviors CAN change! I welcome your call to learn how this shift can happen for you. 

Our work together will help you:

Φ Find freedom from your fears around food and exercise

Φ Improve your relationships at home and work

Φ Accept and love the unique person that you are

When the negative chatter is no longer dictating your thoughts and actions, you will look at life with a new perspective.

Opening yourself up to more compassion, acceptance and love. Finally experiencing true confidence and peace of mind.

Are you ready to make this a reality?

This shift will allow you to discover your true passion and unique interests; creating a life you love.  

I guide my clients towards more clarity, understanding and, ultimately, trusting in themselves. 



I encourage you to take the next step. You can call or text me at 415-579-2785 or if you would like to get started now, click here to schedule an appointment





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Shrein Bahrami, MFT
Marriage & Family Therapist
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