A Client’s Experience

  • By Shrein
  • 20 October, 2018
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“I’ve had very mixed feelings about my eating disorder. It has ranged from making me feel powerful to completely hopeless and desperate. At one point I remember being terrified of … Continue Reading →

The Imagine Journal

  • By Shrein
  • 5 May, 2015
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For many of my clients, knowing there is light at the end of the tunnel is crucial to staying on the path to recovery. Some have been struggling for several … Continue Reading →

Understanding ADHD

  • By Shrein
  • 2 April, 2014
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I think that many of us are aware of and have some understanding of what ADHD or ADD means or looks like.  Usually it conjures up images of young children, … Continue Reading →

Mastery of Transformation

  • By Shrein
  • 27 February, 2014
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How often do you find yourself thinking if I could only change (fill in the blank) about myself, life would be better?  Have you been successful in significantly changing something … Continue Reading →

5 Tips on How to Simplify Your Life

  • By Shrein
  • 5 February, 2014
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No matter how much technology has helped us to to accomplish a majority of our communication, shopping, paying of bills, etc. from the comfort of our home or while standing … Continue Reading →

How to Eat Mindfully

  • By Shrein
  • 21 January, 2014
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Eating mindfully can transform your life in many ways.  It will allow you to truly be present to the meal experience, to honor your authentic hunger and fullness cues as well … Continue Reading →

Creating a Vision Board

  • By Shrein
  • 31 December, 2013
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This is the artist view of writing out your goals and in many cases far more effective.  Imagine you have the power to create what you want your life to … Continue Reading →

The Ego’s Tricks

  • By Shrein
  • 7 December, 2013
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Your ego has been hanging out with you for so many years that eventually it’s the only voice you hear.  The ego stuffs you into a box where you only … Continue Reading →

Support for Family & Friends

  • By Shrein
  • 1 November, 2013
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“What Therapists Do That Is Helpful To My Recovery” Below are a few responses made by clients in regards to positive support: v They allow all feelings v They speak … Continue Reading →

Common Stages of Recovery

  • By Shrein
  • 1 November, 2013
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Once a person begins the recovery process from an eating disorder,  expectations around the duration may often hinder the  recovery work and keep the person stuck in using their eating disorder behaviors to … Continue Reading →

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