“In the two years that I have been working with Shrein, I have advanced farther in recovery than I thought was even possible.  I think it is because she knows how and when to challenge me.  I always feel safe,comfortable and supported.” -B.S.

“I felt completely safe in my sessions with Shrein, which allowed me to talk to her about issues that were too uncomfortable to acknowledge on my own.” -Anonymous

“Shrein wasn’t the kind of support that ended when the hour appointment was over.  I could feel that she cared about me as an individual, my process, and she made it a comfortable environment where I could have reached out to her any time I needed to.  I found her hands on approaches practical, helpful, and empowering.” -C.K.

“As my advocate, Shrein always showed up ready to listen, offered welcome guidance, and encouraged  me to challenge myself in a way that was supportive and respectful. Together, we created a space where I felt  comfortable facing my fears and exploring my anxieties. Sessions felt like  conversations with a trusted friend, and I came to regard Shrein as just that.”  –EJR