Do you want to have the business & lifestyle of your dreams?

Are you a therapist or coach who:

  • wants to start a private practice
  • struggles with attracting their ideal clients
  • feels stuck financially & wants to grow their income
  • is experiencing burnout and/or imposter syndrome

I understand how overwhelming it can feel to be a clinician. We want to provide the best treatment and care for our clients, yet struggle with also navigating the business side of running a private practice. When I started out, I was desperate to learn how to have a successful business with a consistent flow of clients. Sadly, there were few resources I could find that were for therapists by therapists.

Fast forward 10 years: I now have a thriving group practice made up of 14 clinicians I deeply respect, serving clients I feel grateful to support. My income has gone up while my working hours are down. I no longer struggle with burnout and have the space to dedicate to creative endeavors such as writing books, building an online course, and traveling!

In our work together, you’ll receive advice and step-by-step guidance from someone who has “walked the walk,” as they say. I’ll share the tools I used to create a successful therapy practice. Most importantly, I will support you in letting go of any limiting or fear-based mindsets that have kept you from reaching your goals.

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