Business Coaching

"Shrein's expertise and guidance allowed me to feel confident building a private practice. She is an inspiration as a professional who balances the clinical and logistical aspects of being a therapist in private practice and also sharing her wisdom with therapists seeking to develop their careers." - ES, Past Coaching Client

I enjoy supporting mental health clinicians in achieving their business and career goals. Inspiring others to make positive changes in their lives has enabled me to live out my dream career. When working with clients, I bring a positive and problem-solving attitude. Drawing from my experience of building a thriving private practice and then growing a successful group practice, I can help you navigate the various steps in owning your own business and beyond.

Our work together may include:

      • Creating your website

      • Building a business plan with clear goals and steps to get you there

      • Improving your social media presence

      • Support on networking and building community

      • Creating practice documents and management systems

      • Brainstorm additional streams of income


    I offer the following packages to work together:

        • Get your Practice Started & Thriving Package: $3,000
              • 6 one-on-one meetings with Shrein

              • Text and email support in between meetings

            • Create your Dream Business & Lifestyle Package: $5,400
                  • 12 one-on-one meetings with Shrein

                  • Text and email support in between meetings

                • Day-long Mastermind: $800


              Sarah Calloway

              Sarah Calloway Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist


              Shrein was a part of my early entry into private practice, helping shape my professional vision and nudging me into action. Five years later my practice is fiscally and emotionally healthy, and Shrein continues to be a foundational support, influence and mentor in my life. She is a rare combination of business acumen and heart, leadership and friendship, confidence and humility. I am a better business owner, clinician and colleague because of Shrein’s influence and consultation. Shrein has a way of bringing light to those tiny crevices of self-doubt. To be connected with Shrein is to allow yourself permission to be accepted for where you are, and held accountable for where you want to go. Shrein is a treasure, and I’m forever grateful for her ongoing presence in my life.

              Elizabeth Eichmann

              Elizabeth Eichmann Associate Marriage & Family Therapist


              I had the privilege of working with Shrein and I cannot stress enough how remarkable her expertise and leadership have been throughout my journey as a therapist. Shrein’s ability to guide, mentor, and inspire me to new heights has been nothing short of incredible. What truly sets Shrein apart is her innate ability to combine inspiration with practical steps. She not only motivated me to strive for personal growth but also provided me with the necessary tools and techniques to achieve it. One aspect that particularly impressed me about Shrein was her self-reflective nature. She continuously sought opportunities to grow and enhance her skills as a consultant. This commitment to personal development translated into her work with me, as she constantly encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and embrace new challenges. I am truly grateful for the guidance and support Shrein provided me. Her dedication and expertise have been instrumental in my personal growth and transformation. I wholeheartedly recommend Shrein to anyone looking for an extraordinary consultant who will empower them to reach new levels of personal growth. Thank you, Shrein, for being the guiding light in my journey.

              Ana Mazdyasni

              Ana Mazdyasni Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist


              “Shrein embodies a unique, nuanced combination of soft heart and strong mind, making her a gifted therapist, savvy coach, and exceptional consultant. She bridges curiosity with expertise, compassion with passion, and matters of the personal with practices of the professional. I have watched her branch out her services, and support others in growing theirs, informing and inspiring the work of clinicians seeking counsel and consultation within the field of eating disorder recovery. Shrein has established herself as a renowned expert in this work, and I have felt privileged to personally benefit from years of clinical collaboration and consultation with her. I’m continually inspired by, and impressed with, the work she does — running a thriving individual practice and group wellness collective, authoring numerous psychoeducational writings (including two acclaimed books), presenting at various clinical speaking engagements, and teaching within a broader reach via her e-course. She is an absolute force and powerhouse.”

              Amelia Rada

              Amelia Rada Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist


              Shrein has been a trusted resource for many years now. Shrein’s professional guidance has been invaluable and a support I return to again and again. My business has grown tremendously while working with Shrein and I expect to work with Shrein on major business decisions, crossroads, and shifts for years to come!