Fees & Insurance


My fees are comparable to other therapists in the area.  I offer a complimentary 30 minute telephone call to address any questions you may have. Sessions are typically 50 minutes and occur weekly. I also welcome questions regarding the possibility of bi-weekly, 75 minute sessions or sessions via Skype.

Payment & Insurance

Multiple forms of payment are accepted for your convenience including personal check, cash, credit card, HSA, FSA, Venmo or Paypal.

I accept PPO insurance with all insurance companies which cover out-of-network providers. If you are unsure of your mental health benefits, I recommend calling the customer support number on your insurance card and asking the following questions:

  • Does my plan cover out of network providers?
  • Do I have a deductible?  If so, how much of my deductible have I met thus far?
  • Will the full session fee be covered or a percentage?
  • What information do I need from my provider?
  • Where do I send my claims and/or statements from my provider?

I can also help you determine if you are eligible for benefits by providing the following information:

  1. Is this a PPO  or HMO?
  2. Full Name:
  3. DOB:
  4. Address:
  5. Are you the policy holder? If not, name and DOB of policy  holder:
  6. Is this an employer policy? If so, name of employer:
  7. Insurance company name & phone number:
  8. Insurance ID #:
  9. Insurance group # (if applicable):

Benefits of Self-Pay versus Insurance

I understand that the cost of therapy is an investment. The ability to use insurance benefits for therapy is undoubtedly helpful in decreasing the financial expense of treatment. Yet, there are significant benefits to self-pay. When using insurance, the number of sessions are often limited and will necessitate reports of your progress, requiring your confidential information to be shared. In addition, the clinician must document a mental disorder diagnosis. In contrast, when choosing to self-pay, everything is kept confidential. If your insurance offers out of network benefits, I will provide a receipt documenting the date of sessions and payment received, absolutely no confidential information will be shared unless requested by you.


Helpful websites

Information on determining your benefits and the recent Mental Health Parity Law

Information on new health care coverage through the Affordable Care Act