The Therapy Session

photoAt the start of our work together, we will establish your goals for therapy. Generally, the first and second session will involve an assessment or information gathering on both ends to ensure a successful therapeutic relationship. We will then become concrete on what changes you would like to make in your life.  Depending on these concerns, meeting for 6-8 sessions may suffice.

To supplement our work inside the therapy room, I often provide handouts or recommend relevant books or workbooks to be read in between our sessions. This will keep the momentum of our work going throughout your week and bring you to your goals even sooner.

In my work thus far, I  have found that therapy must be personalized for the greatest success and thus use a holistic and integrative approach. I utilize evidence-based techniques from multiple therapeutic disciplines to create a treatment plan that is unique to each client. I work with individuals, couples and adolescents.  In addition to our individual work, I will often propose inviting family members, spouses or even friends to one or more of our sessions as this can be very helpful in expanding your sources of support.

Lastly, I strongly believe in the significance of mindfulness and will frequently implement/explore this in my sessions. The practice of mindfulness involves observing your thoughts without judgment, which I feel enables the more compassionate and intuitive side of ourselves to come through. I encourage you to check out my Shop page for tools to help you in this journey!

Mindfulness Books, Articles & Websites

By connecting mind, body and soul, the inner growth that develops through therapy will deepen  and lasting change occurs.