Reject the Diet Mentality

Often, in our very “ditch-the-diet-mentalityhealth conscious, foodie, fit” society, it can be quite difficult to determine what of our food beliefs are actually health based and what are created from years and years of being exposed to a very diet focused culture.  Below is a chart taken from the book “Intuitive Eating”.  It very clearly illustrates common thoughts that are often behind the decisions we make around food and exercise and whether they are coming from a restrictive diet mentality or are truly healthy and intuitive to our bodies.  

 The Diet Mentality Versus the Non-Diet Mentality

Eating/Food Choices Do I deserve it?If I eat a heavy food, I try to find a way to make up for it.I feel guilty when I eat heavy foods.I usually describe a day of eating as either good or bad.

I view food as the enemy.

Am I hungry?Do I want it?Will I be deprived if I don’t eat it?Will it be satisfying?

Does it taste good?

I deserve to enjoy eating without guilt.

Exercise Benefits I focus primarily on the calories burned.I feel guilty if I miss a designated exercise day. I focus primarily on how exercise makes me feel, especially the   energizing and stress-relieving factors.
Progress is viewed as: How many pounds did I lose?How do I look?What do other people think of my weight?I have good willpower. Rather than being concerned with my weight, I trust that my weight   will normalize when I am attuned to my internal eating signals.  My weight is not my primary goal or an   indicator of my progress.I have increased trust with myself and food.I am able to let go of “eating indiscretions.”I recognize inner body cues.

 -Taken from Intuitive Eating, Tribole and Resch

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