Creating a Vision Board

This is the artist view of writing out your goals and in many cases far more effective.  Imagine you have the power to create what you want your life to be.  You are creating the story and you have the ability to make anything happen!

This is your vision.  Creating a dream board or vision board is very similar to writing out your goals in life, except a vision invokes more emotion then simply writing out your goals.  This difference adds an interesting element that has proved to be powerful for me and many others. There is however some important factors you don’t want to skip.

Requirements: Have fun!!! This is really important. You are now taking an exciting step towards seeing and feeling the life you want.

  • First Step:  Get a large board like paper. Poster paper is perfect. You will need glue or two sided tape and scissors.

  • Second Step:  You will need lots of different types of magazines. You are going to look for pictures that either show how you want to feel, where you want to go or want you want to have. Go crazy here; really go out on a limb.  Look for pictures that really light you up inside when you look at them.  If you want to travel, cut out pictures of the places you want to go.  You can cut out words or sentences as well. Anything you cut out is great as long as it inspires and motivates you.  If you want to write a book, look for pictures of a computer with someone typing.  If you can’t find the pictures you are looking for in a magazine you can do an image search and find the pictures online and then print.

  • Third Step: Get a picture of yourself you really like, where you are happy and feel good. You are going to paste this in the middle of the board.

  • Fourth Step: In the middle of the vision board on the bottom write in black, “This or something better now manifests for me in divine and appropriate timing” or an affirmation such as ”I Am RENEWED”, “I AM RELAXED”, “I AM CONFIDENT”, “I AM UNSTOPPABLE”, “I AM FOCUSED”, “I AM SELF AWARE”, “I AM CALM”, “I AM ENRICHED”, “I AM PLAYFUL”.

  • Fifth Step: You are now ready to start creating your dream board by pasting your vision (pictures) on the board.

When you have completed the board, there are a few action steps to take.

Essential Action Steps:

  • Put this dream/vision board somewhere you will see it every day.  Spend at least five minutes every morning and five minutes every night before bed looking at your dream board.

  • Take your time and feel the emotion the picture is invoking in you.  Notice the type of colors that are on your board, they should inspire and stimulate your creative center.  Take in the energy you feel when you look at all the wonderful places you will be traveling to.

  • Now…expect these wonderful things or something better to happen in the appropriate time.  Happy 2014!

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