How to Create Your Day

I love the title ‘creating your day’; hopefully it is a healthy reminder of the fact that we do have power over how our days unfold.  We may not be very excited about our current job or other life responsibilities, but there are things we can do (before grabbing your smartphone, computer or remote) that can set the tone for an energized and fulfilling day.  Below are a few tips from, a wonderful site that provides inspiration and the tools to live at your greatest potential.

Here are ways to change your energy state:

– When you first wake up, imagine it’s the end of the day and you are looking back to see what happened, what the events were, what accomplishments happened, what was fun, what put you a step closer to your goals, who did you share it with? If you could have the ideal day, what would it look like? In your mind, go through it as if its happening.

– Set an intention. Declare what you want to experience today – joy, excitement, fun, accomplishment.

– Try a quick grounding exercise when you are either still in bed or have just woken up. Breath deeply, inhaling for the count of five and exhaling for the count of 5. As you do this, feel every part of your body starting with your head and working your way down to your feet. Letting go of any tension you come across. Direct all your energy towards your feet which helps to ground you into your body and get out of your head and an overly mental state.

– Change your posture, sit up straight and smile. Check in with yourself throughout the day and make this adjustment whenever you need. Even a slight smile affects your thought patterns.

– Be present. Practice this in small increments, it could be when you are walking to the subway or getting dressed but be fully aware of all you are doing and that is happening around you. When thoughts arise, observe them and don’t judge them, just let it go and bring yourself back to the moment.

– Breath. Take 5 deep breaths at various points throughout the day. This helps you focus and stop the patterns of your thoughts and emotions.

– Plan. If your days are not the way you want them to be, consider what you can incorporate more of to make you happy. Is it more me-time, exercise, being with friends, less work? Plan how you can make these changes tomorrow, next week, and next month. Write it down. A plan in your head is not a concrete one, it become much more real when its thought out and on paper.


Taking time to build what you want your day to be will bring into existence the life you want to create!

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