Why It’s Hard to Implement Professional Advice

People often reach out to a therapist as a last resort. At a certain point, the discomfort of staying stuck becomes strong enough to push one to seek the support of a professional.

Getting help from a professional is a great step towards reaching one’s goals. Yet there are common roadblocks that can derail the work. Below are a few examples of what may arise when working with a professional and how to navigate around them.

Roadblock 1: Motivation

Even though the motivation is there to work with a professional, there is often an internal battle at play fueled by hopelessness and self-doubt. Many feel wary of trying another technique or approach that could result, yet again, in failure. Because of this fear and doubt, motivation suffers.

Roadblock 2: Quick Fix Mentality

Understandably, reaching a goal quickly is ideal. Depending on how long a person has been struggling, healing can take time. Receiving the support of a professional can be hugely beneficial, but it is rarely a quick fix. What can be immediate is a sense of relief when working with someone who understands and can guide the way.

Roadblock 3: Lack of Clarity

Even though someone may be certain they want something to change, they may not have a clear picture of what life would actually look like if it did. Anxiety around the unknown can be a deterrent from taking significant steps toward change.

Roadblock 4: Resistance around adding more support

Making a change becomes easier with the support of loved ones. Yet asking for help and accountability can often feel too vulnerable. Fear of dissapointing others or judgment sadly gets in the way of adding this important component.  

While recognizing all of the roadblocks that can get in the way, change can truly take place with the right mindset. Being patient and taking small steps each day. Focusing on the achievements, no matter how small, keeps the motivation and self-trust growing.

Lastly, creating meaning is key. This can be solidified by sharing it with others, and journaling about why this change is so important, and the value or impact on those around them.